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ADHD Coaching for work, business, and life

With ADHD, staying on top of work and life in a predominantly neurotypical world can be a challenge. You may find it harder than most to do the things you want to in work, business, and life.

I'm James, an ADHD coach and Positive Psychologist. 


I help you with your work and life goals. We discuss the role ADHD plays for you, talk about where you want to be, and create helpful plans. We start from where you are, and build from there. 

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What happens when you receive ADHD Coaching?

Through a series of in-depth discussions about your ADHD and how it shows up in different ways when you pursue your goals, you:

  • Improve things at work and life

  • Become more organised and get better with time in general

  • Have more work-life balance

  • Reduce the stress and overwhelm that ADHD can bring

  • Navigate and make improvements in your relationships

  • Feel more positive about having ADHD 

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About Me 

ADHD Coach and Positive Psychologist - for Work, Business, and Life

Hi, I'm James, an ADHD coach and positive psychologist. I understand the challenges

that come with ADHD through my training and personal experience.


I'm passionate about coaching those with ADHD. In particular, I'm interested in supporting 

you with...

  1. Your hopes and wishes and ideas 

  2. Thinking through each one in detail 

  3. Planning on paper with post-it notes and exploring insights and connections

  4. Proceeding with self-compassion

  5. Integrating your happiness into the process of moving forward

My approach combines elements of ADHD training with the psychology of coaching and positive psychology. I have currently been coaching for 6 years, work regularly with a coaching supervisor, and am accredited with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). 

What my clients say 

"James` calm and kind approach combined with an ability to listen deeply and ask insightful questions made for an enjoyable and powerful coaching experience. The coaching has helped me to successfully reach goals in different areas of my life, including business and well-being goals. I have no hesitation in recommending James and I am very grateful that he is my coach.”

Paul, COO in Education Sector

Qualifications, Accreditations, Courses, and Experience 
  • ADHD Certification Course: Advanced Strategies to Customise Treatment for Every Client

    • ADHD at Work​

    • ADHD at Home and in the Classroom

    • Time Management and Executive Functioning 

    • Couples and Relationship Strategies 

    • Neurology Drives Psychology

    • Emotion Regulation Skills

    • Mindfulness Strategies 

  • MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

    • Fundamental and Advanced Coaching Skills - Coaching Questions, Listening, Feedback, Paraphrasing, Summarizing, Creative Tools, Managing Outcomes and Progress, Handling Conflict, Facilitating Goals in Coaching.

    • Ethics in Coaching, Contracting, Basic and Advanced Supervision

    • Coaching models and Types (TGROW, Solution Focused, Strengths, Positive Psychology Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural, Leadership Coaching, Coaching Teams, Learning Groups and Group Dynamics, Systemic Coaching and Constellations).

    • Positive Leadership (Contribution goals and Virtue in organisations, Positive Meaning, Positively Deviant Goals, Wellbeing at the workplace, Psychological Safety).

    • Positive Psychology (Types of Wellbeing, Flourishing, Optimism, Hope, Positive Emotions, Character Strengths, Self-regulation, Resilience, Post-Traumatic Growth, Mindfulness, Flow, Passion, Meaning in Life, Positive Relationships)

  • EMCC Global Individual Accreditation at the level of practitioner 

  • 6 Year's Coaching Experience 

Want to find out more?

ADHD coaching, whether at the workplace or in business, provides you with invaluable support in navigating the complexities of ADHD. 

I provide face to face ADHD coaching for individuals and organisations across the North East of England.


I operate in most north-east towns and cities including Durham, Newcastle, Middlesborough, York, and Darlington. For clients in the rest of the UK or around the world, I coach on zoom. 

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