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ADHD Coach and Positive Psychologist - for Work, Business, and Life

Hi, I'm James, an ADHD coach and positive psychologist. I understand the challenges that come with ADHD and the dynamics that lead to positive change and accomplishment.


I'm passionate about facilitating the pillars of wellbeing and success for those with ADHD:

  1. Goals - Getting clearer about what you most want, what you most value, and why 

  2. Time-management - Thinking through and prioritizing your most important tasks first

  3. Planning - Seeing all the steps to achievement, considering multiple options and pathway

  4. Growth Mindset - Praising in a way that causes resilience and growth

  5. Self care - High quality sleep, nutrition and exercise

  6. Self-compassion - self-kindness, connection, and mindfulness 


My goal is for you to become happier, fitter, stronger and more productive than ever before. For you be financial comfortable and free to invest in yourself and your future. With ADHD, it may take you longer to achieve greatness, but who's in a rush anyway? Everything you've been through can become your great good fortune, one step at a time. 

My coaching approach is supported by the mix of my ADHD course, my positive psychology and coaching masters, and my personal experience. My clients say this combination results in a powerful coaching experience. I have been coaching for 6 years, work regularly with a coaching supervisor, and am accredited with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). 

My Training, Qualifications, and Experience 

  • MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

  • ADHD Certification Course: Advanced Strategies to Customise Treatment
    for Every Client

  • ADHD at Work: Strategies to Help Clients Survive & Thrive in Their Careers

  • EMCC Global Individual Accreditation at the level of practitioner 

  • 6 Year's Professional Coaching Experience 

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